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Ian Johnson
Chief Executive Officer, Out Now

About Out Now

Out Now has been named as one of the 'Top 10 Diversity Consultants' in the world by the Global Diversity List supported by The Economist.
Established in 1992, Out Now in 2016 celebrates its 25th year of delivering leading-edge insights and business solutions to better understand and meet the needs of LGBT people right across the world. Out Now's corporate mantra is 'LGBT spells people' which recognises that what matters most to LGBT people is not marketing, research or PR, but actual understanding and solutions that help assist LGBT people to live better lives enjoying equal standing and respect - all over the world.
Out Now specializes in diversity research and business development – with strong LGBT business development practice areas in travel, banking/finance, FMCG and insurance work.
The firm is delighted to launch How.LGBT — the new global initiative for a better world of work for LGBT people.